A1 UK Drains Ltd

Works completed 4th April 2024.

The surface water drainage at this residential property in Finchampstead was not removing the water efficiently from the property. We carried out the below works to rectify this:

1) Hand dug around the sides of the conservatory in preparation for installation of ACO Channel.

2) Broke-out and removed a small part of a retaining the wall.

3) Installed 14 metres of ACO channels from the downpipe, around the conservatory, to the next downpipe.

4) Removed 9.4 metres of existing ACO channel grids.

5) Cleaned out existing ACO channels.

6) Installed new matching ACO grids.

7) Excavated by hand an 8 metre trench at the side of the house.

8) Undermine a fence and removed 7 metres of the slabbed area at the side of the house.

9) Excavated by hand an additional 7 metre trench at the side of the house.

10) Removed 17 metres of block-paving from the side of the property to the location of the concrete storm water catchment ring.

11) Excavated a 17 metre trench by machine.

12) Installed a new manhole at the rear corner of the property.

13) Installed a new gully at the rear of the property and connected this to the new manhole.

14) Connected ACO channels to the new manhole.

15) Installed a 2nd new manhole at the front corner of the property.

16) Installed 15 metres of pipework down the side of the property from manhole to manhole.

17) Installed 1x new gully and connected into 2nd manhole.

18) Installed 17 metres of pipework from manhole to the concrete storm water catchment ring.

19) Surrounded all pipework with 10mm gravel.

20) Back-filled and compacted all trenches.

21) Reinstated the earthed area, the slabbed area and block-paving area, leaving areas worked clean and tidy.