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ACO Channel Drainage

We install ACO Channel Drainage

ACO drainage is often installed on hard surfaces such as concreate and tarmac, used to drain surface water from driveways and patios on domestic properties, and walkways and carparks for example in the commercial world.

ACO channels can drain via an existing surface water drainage pipework into a soakaway or storm drain. 

If you are installing a new hard surface path or driveway for example at the front of your property it is now compulsory to also install a self-contained drainage system. The reason for this is to avoid overwhelming the storm drain system and reduce the risk of flooding by allowing the water to drain into the ground.

ACO channels should be installed at the bottom of a shallow slope, as water will always flow downwards with gravity. If your drive slopes downwards towards your garage for example, installing a channel immediately in front of the garage could prevent it from flooding.

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