A1 UK Drains Ltd

Works completed 30th January 2024.

The gallery below details works recently carried out at a pre-school in Yately after a series of blockages due to a failed soakaway.

The area of the works was fenced off on arrival and the mini-excavator positioned on site.

An 8 metre trench was excavated by the excavator from the point of connection to the existing pipework to the location of the new soakaway. The soakaway pit was excavated to approximately 2 cubic metres.

New lengths of 110mm PVC pipework were connected and joined to the existing drainage system, running into the soakaway. The soakaway pit was then filled with clean hardcore.

12 metres of perforated bleed pipe was then installed (2x 6 metres).

When fully installed all pipework was surrounded in 10mm gravel.

The trenches and manhole were then back-filled and compacted, a layer of top soil added and all grass areas re-laid with the original turf that had been carefully removed at the start of the works.

The area worked was then left clean and tidy with all rubbish removed from site.

If your soakaway has failed or you need a new soakaway installed, call us now on 0118 973 0999 and we will be able to come over and survey the site and provide you with a no obligation quote.