A1 UK Drains Ltd

Works completed 5th February 2024.

The gallery below details works recently carried out in an office carpark in Winnersh where there was a large presence of tree roots in drain pipe of the foul line which had been causing regular and severe blockages.

The block-paving in the carpark area was carefully removed so that the blocks could be re-laid when the drain pipe repairs had been completed.

A trench was excavated by hand to reveal the existing pipework. This revealed the presence also of a mains water line running alongside the drain pipework.

The existing pipework was broken into to locate issues and the presence of roots that had been previously detected by a CCTC camera survey. Root intrusion was evident along the line with a very large root ball present in one of the laterals.

The existing pipework was removed and replaced with 110mm PVC pipework. When fully installed and the direction of flow checked and confirmed, the pipework was surrounded in 10mm gravel.

The trench was then back-filled and compacted and prepared for the re-laying of the block paving.

After everything had been reinstated, the area worked was then left clean and tidy with all rubbish removed from site.

If you believe you may have a root intrusion problem in your drain pipework, call us now on 0118 973 0999 and we will be able to investigate and report on the problems you may have, advising the best way to remedy and get your drains flowing efficiently again.