A1 UK Drains Ltd

Works completed 12th February 2024.

The gallery below details works recently carried out at a residential property in Finchampstead, Berkshire.

We were called to the property to clear debris from 3 gulleys that were not working efficiently.

The first gully was filled to the brim with debris, mainly leaves. All debris was removed the chamber and the line high pressure jetted clean.

The second gully was smaller but also completely full of debris – predominantly gravel and leaves. All debris was removed and the gulley and pipework cleaned.

The third gully had some debris in it and the presence of cooking fat. All debris and fat was removed and the gulley thoroughly cleaned.

If your gulleys are blocked or could do with emptying and cleaning, call us now on 0118 973 0999 and we can keep your drains flowing.