A1 UK Drains Ltd

Works completed 1st March 2024.

The toilets at a local cafe were constantly blocking. We conducted a survey and found there were a few faults with the way the existing pipework had been connected.

The first task was to partially dismantle the toilet cubicles and remove access panels so that the existing pipework could be revealed.

Externally, the ground was excavated to expose the existing pipework. We cut out and removed a 90 degree bend and 2 metres of pipework.  We then installed 1x new manhole and 1 metre of pipework each side of the manhole. All pipework was surrounded with a protective layer of 10mm gravel. 

We then cut-out and replaced the pipework at the back of the toilets and installed a new rodding access, 2 metres of pipework, a 90 degree bend and T-piece.

The toilet cubicles and toilets were reinstated along with all areas worked.