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Pitch Fibre Pipework

Photo of degraded pitch fibre drain pipe

Replacement of degraded pitch fibre drain pipes

Pitch fibre pipework was introduced in the 1950s and widely used through to the 1970s as a cheaper alternative to clay pipes for residential and commercial construction projects.

What wasn’t appreciated at the time however was that 40 – 50 years later the pipework would have degraded substantially to the point of blistering, mis-shaping or complete collapse.

Early signs of a problem may be repeated blockages where waste material is getting snagged on the blistered and flaking inner surface, preventing a clear and smooth flow. Whilst it may be possible initially to clear blockages by rodding or high pressure jetting, overtime this will become impossible as the pipework continues to blister and compress.

If you know you have pitch fibre drain pipes and are experiencing issues with repeated blockages, then it is best to get this addressed sooner rather than later to avoid a complete failure of your drainage system. If you are not sure but are experiencing repeated blockages then a quick look and see CCTV survey of your drains will quickly identify if pitch fibre pipework is present.

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Photo of compacted pitch fibre drain pipe
Photo of degraded pitch fibre drain pipe
Photo of blistered pitch fibre drain pipe