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Drain lining repairs remove the need for disruptive excavations

When old drains crack or joints open up as a result of ground movement or water infiltration, the only solution in years gone by was to excavate the defective section of pipe and replace it. 

However, using drain lining techniques, it is often possible to repair defective sections of pipe by lining them without having to carry out any disruptive excavations.
A1 UK Drains of Wokingham offer drain lining services throughout Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and London. Patch lining is used to repair small holes and cracks in pipes as well as defective joints which, if left, can eventually lead to a drain’s complete collapse due to water washing away the soil surrounding the drain. 

Structural repairs lining is used where the defective area of pipe is more extensive. The lining is impregnated with polyester resin and inserted into the drain before water or air pressure is used to inflate the lining inside the pipe. It then sets hard to create a seal round the defective parts of the pipe and prevent further leaks.

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