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Blocked Toilets

Fortunately, most blocked toilets can be unblocked relatively easily and don’t require the extent of works as shown in this image!

Usually a blocked toilet is the result of too much tissue being put in the toilet pan or not enough water flow when flushed. These types of blockage are simple to shift if repeated flushing of the toilet does not clear the problem, by plunging the toilet pan. 

Not every one has a toilet plunger to hand and some are not that good, but fear not! Quite often a gentle nudge with a toilet brush may be enough to coax the debris on its way around the u-bend, but be careful if you are using one with a detachable head. An empty 2 litre coke bottle can also make an efficient make-shift plunger.,


If you haven’t been able to shift the blockage yourself, rather than spend hours Googling for unblocking techniques, and spending money on tools and chemicals that may or may not work, call A1 UK Drains and we’ll get your toilet up and running again in no time at all. We have the right equipment and never use chemicals. Most chemical remedies work perfectly well down a sink but don’t tend to have much effect on a blocked toilet.

If we can’t plunge your toilet clear then the chances are that it is not your toilet that is blocked, but a problem further down the line, such as a blocked manhole, or perhaps a collapsed drain or root intrusion. If there is a blocked manhole then we can cure that problem in most instances by using a high pressure jet to breakdown and shift the blockage. If the drain has collapsed somewhere, then no amount of plunging or chemicals will clear the problem, and jetting may only provide a temporary solution.

Blocked Toilet FAQs

Blocked toilets are very common and we receive a lot of questions and website searches asking for causes and solutions to a blocked toilet. Some questions are very serious whilst others raise a smile. Below is a collection of some FAQs that we will try and provide answers to:

Why is my toilet clogged with nothing in it?

This is most likely because the blockage is out of sight round the U-bend, in the stack pipe or the manhole that the toilet feeds into is blocked itself. Plunging may still be able to clear the blockage, or a toilet eel may also work if the blockage is close but this can scratch the porcelain. But more specialist equipment such as high pressure jetting may be required to shift it.

What can I put down a toilet to unblock it?

If the blockage is visible we wouldn’t recommend putting your hand down the toilet to retrieve it! If you haven’t got a toilet plunger to hand (please don’t use a sink plunger) maybe you can use a 2 litre drinks bottle as a plunger. This question is probably asking for a chemical solution to unblock the toilet. We never use or recommend any chemical solutions to unblock a toilet as they are often dangerous, expensive, ineffective and can cause additional problems. You will find suggestions online for using hot water or baking soda & vinegar to unblock toilets but it’s probably quicker and easier to just call your local drainage engineer.

Why does my toilet keep blocking?

The simple answer is that too much toilet paper is being used or that the flush on the toilet is not strong enough to shift the pan contents. If the flush is struggling to shift the contents then may be you should consider a mid-way flush to prevent blocking. If the flush is slow, then there could be a build-up of limescale within the cistern and toilet preventing the water from flowing efficiently without the force required to flush it through. If the flush is strong, then there could be an object stuck in the u-bend or further down the line causing debris to be caught or a blocked manhole causing water to back-up.

Why is the water in my toilet not going down?

Almost certainly this will be because there is a blockage in the foul line somewhere. If you’re on a shared drainage line, the problem may not be yours but caused by a neighbours system being blocked or even the main sewer.

Who to call for a blocked toilet?

A1 UK Drains Ltd!

Why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet?

Best to consult your doctor or a dietician on this one.

Why is my toilet not flushing?

If no water is being released when the flusher is pressed, this would suggest a broken flusher unit. Spare parts for most cisterns are readily available at most DIY stores, otherwise this is a quick and easy job for a plumber.
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